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14 Essential Tips For First Time Swingers

We found a great article with 14 essential tips for swingers; Here is a summary (view the original link for more details on the 14 points below):

1. Use role-playing to cultivate a sexual experience with another couple.

2. For your first experience discuss with your partner the opportunity of meeting another couple alone.

3. Always stay together while attending your first few parties.

4. Watch first then play in parallel.

5. Play at the same level as your partner.

6. Ensure both partners are having FUN!

7. Decide a “save me” signal.

8. Take home the eroticism and passion.

9. Men, don’t be surprised if you have difficulty keeping an erection. Women, be ready to play without an erection to assist.

10. Swinging might be a bad experience if:

11. You can make swinging even better for you and your partner by:

12. No signifies no.

13. Don’t play with couples in conflict.


Check out the source page for more details on all 14 points!

View the whole article source


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