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Best Adult Swinging Clubs in USA

Who does not love an arbitrary top list? As I always say; “It is not important unless it can be put into a countdown list”. I suppose the same is true for Swinging clubs. Here is a lit of the 5 best swingers clubs in America (at least according to Made Manual). Tabu Social Club. […]

An Interesting Video on Swinging

Steve interviews a swinging couple in studio and then takes a camera into Platos Retreat, a Fort lauderdale Swinger’s Club Never heard of this show before but there are some great interviews and insights into the swinging lifestyle! Swingers – Part 1 Swingers – Part 2 Swingers – Part 3 Swingers – Part 4 Find […]

Happily Married Swingers (Part II)

Here is part II of a great article I found about the experiences of a swinging couple: After a few failed nights at sex clubs, Janet and Eric were relieved to find Club Relate, a private swingers group owned by a husband-and-wife team, Tom and Lynda Gayle. According to Eric and Janet, the Club Relate […]

Happily Married Swingers (Part I)

Here is an article I found online about happily married swingers. We joked that I should answer the door in a long hippie dress,” says Janet Williams*, who’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt as I step into the living room of her suburban Orlando home. “Or nude!” says her husband, Eric, who looks like he’s […]

How To Find Your Swinging Comfort Zone

Here is a great video on finding your perfect swinging comfort zone. How can someone interested in swinging establish their own comfort zone and boundaries so they can have a fun and exciting sexual experience?

How to Start Swinging with your Partner

Here is an interesting article I found this week on starting to swing with your partner: How to start swinging Do couples actually swing in real life? Why do couples swing in the first place? As complex as our anatomical set up and mind, our nature, characteristics, lifestyle and social behaviors are unique phenomena too. […]

Swingers Specials April 2013

We have some NEW blog exclusive swinger specials for April 2013! Here they are: Special 1: Buy one swinger membership – Get one FREE at DesireSwingers! Know another swinging couple? This is a great offer to share between couples and as we know the lifestyle is all about sharing! Special 2: Get a FREE ladies […]