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Best Adult Swinging Clubs in USA

Who does not love an arbitrary top list? As I always say; “It is not important unless it can be put into a countdown list”. I suppose the same is true for Swinging clubs. Here is a lit of the 5 best swingers clubs in America (at least according to Made Manual).

Tabu Social Club.
People, who enjoy fetishes, like to spend time in the fetish room at this swinger club in America. While alcohol is not sold at this club, guests can bring their own alcohol into the club. If you and your significant other meet a couple that you want to spend some alone time with you can use one of the private rooms at the club. Tabu Social Club. 1115 N Rolling Road, Baltimore, Maryland. (410) 869-0001.

Miami Velvet.
Miami Velvet is one of the most popular swinger clubs in Florida. This is a great swinger club in America to go to if your relatively new to the swinging lifestyle, because this is a very low pressure club. Every month this club holds a theme party. Miami Velvet3901 NW 77th Ave, Miami, Florida. (305) 406-1604.
Colette. To protect your privacy, cameras are prohibited at this swinger club in America. Dancers love dancing the night away on this club’s dance floor. Private rooms and fetish rooms are both available a this swinger club. While you need to bring your own alcohol to this club, complimentary mixes are available. Colette. 822 Gravier Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. (504) 588-1517.

Club Sesso.
This swinger club in America is very clean, because A professional cleaning crew cleans the club after each event. Naughty school girl parties and wet T shirt parties are two of the fun theme parties that happen at this swinger club in America. While it is mostly couples at this swinger club, singles are also welcome here on a limited basis. Club Sesso. 824 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204. (503) 334-2577.

Valley Flirts.
Sorry single guys, but this best swingers club in America is only for couples and single women. Alcohol is sold at this club and there is also a buffet for guests to enjoy. When the weather is nice, swingers like to hang out at the outdoor area of this club. Valley Flirts. Canoge Avene, Woodland Hills, California. (818) 298-6034

Looks like a Valley Flirts took the top spot; Next time I am in California I will have to check this “best” swingers club out and judge for myself. The nearest club to me is the Mimai Swingers club; Maybe I will have to take a trip down to see it. Email us with your favorite club nearest you or if you have visited any of these top 5 above! Ready to find the hottest swinging couples near you? Click here to join one of the best adult swinger sites around (best of all – it is couples only).

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