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Interested in the Swinger lifestyle? Find out how to start

Always wondered how a swingers lifestyle was. Well here are a few tips that will take you down the path. Be aware that if you are the jealous type this lifestyle is not for you. Getting involved in a swinger’s lifestyle can be exciting. For many couples it gets talked about as a fantasy, but […]

Biggest Swinger Convention is Almost Here

“Wow!” is what I have to say, a hotel full of people ready for adult action without any strings attached. Vegas Exchange will be hosting this “Lifestyle event of the Decade”. Need a room? don’t forget to book it in advanced. The Swinger’s Convention of the decade is almost here, have you booked your room? […]

From Doctors to Judges, into the Swinger Scene

Who knew that even Judges where into the swinging scene, as Dr. Maureen Whelihan explains in the following article. Swingers are less likely to commit the mistake of not using protection. I was performing an office procedure when the conversation continued into recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) and within a moment, we were discussing the lifestyle […]