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Ever Wondered if Your Neighbors Swing?

Have you ever had the curiosity if your neighbors are active swingers? Well you might just want to find out and you might be in for a treat, if your a swinger of course.

The swinging lifestyle does not discriminate against race, body type,sexuality,social standing or financial stability. There are people successfully living the lifestyle from all walks of life. Government and State officials as well as the unemployed enjoy the erotic pleasures of being on the swinging scene. Choosing to live the lifestyle, is just that, a choice. A PERSONAL CHOICE just as choosing a religion or a political party to become affiliated with. Although the swinging lifestyle has become more recognized and accepted by society, discretion among swingers is still of utmost importance.

So you are telling me there are Government Officials that are into the swinging life style? Wow!, let’s just hope no one airs out their dirty laundry per say.

Employers as well as family and non lifestyle minded acquaintances seem to view swinging as immoral and threatening to the existence of the traditional marriage and male/female relationship. Please allow me to say that the serious swinging couples, the couples with strong, loving marriages/relationships do not enter into the lifestyle looking for something better than what they have in their existing marriage/relationship. Couples enter into the lifestyle seeking to fulfill fantasies and desires of which are nothing more than foreplay for their intimate encounters alone together.

The lifestyle is an enhancement just as watching an erotic movie or reading an erotic story. A “mood setter” of sorts . But, swinging IS NOT for everyone. If swinging is chosen as a lifestyle to fix a broken marriage/relationship, a damage control plan better be in place. Again, the swinging lifestyle is an enhancement, not a solution. The lifestyle also IS NOT an arena for those who are single and looking for marriage or those who are married and cheating on their partners. YES, one may eventually find a soul mate or experience a swinging encounter as a cheater but, these instances are few and far between and can be very difficult to achieve.

Shame on you cheating on your loved one. You’re not even a swinger, if this is the case stay away. This life style is only for those that are actually swingers.

I advise those who are looking for a long term traditional relationship to seek them through traditional methods. Those who are married and trying to become active in the swinging lifestyle excluding your spouse, please ask yourself why! Your actions in the lifestyle will only cause problems in your marriage. Your spouse will eventually discover her exclusion of your actions. Seek professional help to discover what has gone astray in your marriage before even considering swinging as a lifestyle for you. The most awesome benefit of the lifestyle is within the people who choose to live it. There are no set guidelines as to who one must be as a swinger. What one person or couple chooses to seek and accept, the next may choose the total opposite. What is the swinging lifestyle one may ask? The lifestyle is what you make of it. Simply decide where YOU fit into it.

Looking for that love at first site, this may not be the right way to go on about looking for her/him. If this rocks your boat make sure you come aboard with us Desire Swingers.

Read the full article here.


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