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Your Teenage Kids Know You Swing

This must be a hard topic to explain to your teenage kids. How would you break it to your kids? This mother explains how she did it.

When I say that my son knows that I am a swinger, I don’t mean that we’ve ACTUALLY had that talk. Let me explain.

My son is eighteen. This last year of high school, he lived with his Dad in Virginia. I thought it was about time that Dad did more than throw money at his son in the form of child support. He wasn’t doing that well in school, and his evil step-mother was forever ranting against my motherhood skills. So, I decided that since I had just re-married after 13 years, I would let the son’s father take over. He could finish up with the driving thing, get him into college and shut his harpie wife up when she found out how hard it was to raise a teenage boy. That, was just to give you a little background.

Wow, I wonder how will the boy react. On top of that what will his friends think.

I’ve always been very open about sexual talks with my son. To the point that he would tell me to shut up because I was embarrassing him. I was the one that made sure that he had a condom in his wallet from the time that he was sixteen. During the years that we lived together we were and still are very close. He knows that he can talk to me about anything.

During the time that I was single, I was in a committed relationship for four and a half years. Greg and I went to the Swingers Clubs that were in the area. When my son was young, he would just ask, “So, you’re going to the “club”? raising his hands and making the “quote” sign. We would say yes, but that was as far as it went. However, he would mention the clothes that we were wearing. For Greg, it was a nice button down, un-tucked shirt and nice pants or jeans. For me, a short skirt, maybe a revealing top with something over it of course. We always came back late, giggling and practically running to the bedroom. I never explained to my son about what the clubs were about, and he didn’t ask.

Then along came Facebook. Of course my son and I are freinds on there. I have two blogs, and post the links to the latest blog on my FB status page. One of my blogs is rated NC17 where I talk about all kinds of things in my life. The other is rated more closely to a “R” and sometimes “X”. That is the swingers advice blog that I have. A friend and I write articles that give advice on swinging to newbies and veterans alike, all based on our own observations and experiences.

So wait she has a blog, what makes her think her son has not read her posts already, nice one “Mom”.

The day came when my son asked about it. And we talked. I explained that I was part of that lifestyle, and had been for many years. I didn’t get much of a reaction, and so I asked him if he was bothered by it. He said no, but I pushed a little to make sure. He said, “I thought so because of all the times that you went to those clubs a few years ago. And you were a manager of a club so I figured it was also one of those kind of clubs”. I asked him if it bothered him; while secretly preparing myself for the worst. He said, “No. You’ve always been weird.” ” But I love you Mom”. Then he smiled and that was the end of it.

I knew I’d raised an open-minded child, and that made me very happy.

If you’d like to check out the advice blog, the addy is: Cinful Lifestyle Advice.

We hope your not on the swinging parents boat but if you are make you you sign up here Desire Swingers.

Read the full article here.


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