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100 Ways To Know You Are A Swinger

It can’t get ay easier than this list. Here are 100 ways to know if you are into the Swinging Lifestyle. Make sure you don’t skip any so you can find out just how much a of hardcore swinger you are. 1. You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos. 2. Half of […]

How Can A Single Man Join Swingers?

Are you a single man that has always wanted to jump into the swinger lifestyle. Here are a few tips that can help you out on that leap in your local city. As the webmaster of a few websites related to swingers one question I get asked most often is: “How can a man enter […]

Swinger Lifestyle Bracelet!!

Have you ever wished for a way to be able to tell who was a swingers? Well no you can, a couple has come out with a great way to secretly display your lifestyle and it is inexpensive. So we were sitting around the other day thinking that it was frustrating that there’s no common […]

Ever Wondered if Your Neighbors Swing?

Have you ever had the curiosity if your neighbors are active swingers? Well you might just want to find out and you might be in for a treat, if your a swinger of course. The swinging lifestyle does not discriminate against race, body type,sexuality,social standing or financial stability. There are people successfully living the lifestyle […]

Swingers Specials April 2013

We have some NEW blog exclusive swinger specials for April 2013! Here they are: Special 1: Buy one swinger membership – Get one FREE at DesireSwingers! Know another swinging couple? This is a great offer to share between couples and as we know the lifestyle is all about sharing! Special 2: Get a FREE ladies […]

Swinging Club Directory

We are thinking of posting links to swinging clubs and creating a swinging directory for people to use to find swinging hot-spots near them. So if you are the owner of a swingers club or know of a good one by you — just email it to us so we can start creating a huge […]

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