Swinging Stories

From Doctors to Judges, into the Swinger Scene

Who knew that even Judges where into the swinging scene, as Dr. Maureen Whelihan explains in the following article. Swingers are less likely to commit the mistake of not using protection. I was performing an office procedure when the conversation continued into recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) and within a moment, we were discussing the lifestyle […]

An Interesting Video on Swinging

Steve interviews a swinging couple in studio and then takes a camera into Platos Retreat, a Fort lauderdale Swinger’s Club Never heard of this show before but there are some great interviews and insights into the swinging lifestyle! Swingers – Part 1 Swingers – Part 2 Swingers – Part 3 Swingers – Part 4 Find […]

Happily Married Swingers (Part II)

Here is part II of a great article I found about the experiences of a swinging couple: After a few failed nights at sex clubs, Janet and Eric were relieved to find Club Relate, a private swingers group owned by a husband-and-wife team, Tom and Lynda Gayle. According to Eric and Janet, the Club Relate […]

Happily Married Swingers (Part I)

Here is an article I found online about happily married swingers. We joked that I should answer the door in a long hippie dress,” says Janet Williams*, who’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt as I step into the living room of her suburban Orlando home. “Or nude!” says her husband, Eric, who looks like he’s […]