Swinging Tips

100 Ways To Know You Are A Swinger

It can’t get ay easier than this list. Here are 100 ways to know if you are into the Swinging Lifestyle. Make sure you don’t skip any so you can find out just how much a of hardcore swinger you are. 1. You are wearing wristbands in most of your vacation photos. 2. Half of […]

Swinging at The High Seas

Looking into some swinging at high sea? This should be a great way to meet other couples that are also into the lifestyle. Aboard a luxury cruise ship you can mingle with other fellow swingers. Couples looking to travel, meet new people, and enjoy the company of like minded couples should look no further than […]

Swinger Lifestyle Bracelet!!

Have you ever wished for a way to be able to tell who was a swingers? Well no you can, a couple has come out with a great way to secretly display your lifestyle and it is inexpensive. So we were sitting around the other day thinking that it was frustrating that there’s no common […]

Info You Should Know About Swinging

Swinging takes two, so if your the only one that is into it don’t force your partner. This may lead to some serious problems in your marriage or relationship. Lately, I’ve been reading quite a few blog posts about open relationships. That is, two individuals who are in a committed relationship and openly bump uglies […]

Your Teenage Kids Know You Swing

This must be a hard topic to explain to your teenage kids. How would you break it to your kids? This mother explains how she did it. When I say that my son knows that I am a swinger, I don’t mean that we’ve ACTUALLY had that talk. Let me explain. My son is eighteen. […]

Interested in the Swinger lifestyle? Find out how to start

Always wondered how a swingers lifestyle was. Well here are a few tips that will take you down the path. Be aware that if you are the jealous type this lifestyle is not for you. Getting involved in a swinger’s lifestyle can be exciting. For many couples it gets talked about as a fantasy, but […]

How To Find Your Swinging Comfort Zone

Here is a great video on finding your perfect swinging comfort zone. How can someone interested in swinging establish their own comfort zone and boundaries so they can have a fun and exciting sexual experience?