Swinging Videos

Biggest Swinger Convention is Almost Here

“Wow!” is what I have to say, a hotel full of people ready for adult action without any strings attached. Vegas Exchange will be hosting this “Lifestyle event of the Decade”. Need a room? don’t forget to book it in advanced. The Swinger’s Convention of the decade is almost here, have you booked your room? […]

An Interesting Video on Swinging

Steve interviews a swinging couple in studio and then takes a camera into Platos Retreat, a Fort lauderdale Swinger’s Club Never heard of this show before but there are some great interviews and insights into the swinging lifestyle! Swingers – Part 1 Swingers – Part 2 Swingers – Part 3 Swingers – Part 4 Find […]

How To Find Your Swinging Comfort Zone

Here is a great video on finding your perfect swinging comfort zone. How can someone interested in swinging establish their own comfort zone and boundaries so they can have a fun and exciting sexual experience?

Beginners guide to Swinging – Pt. 1

The other day I found an interesting video about swinging: I like the couples acting out how to get a partner to talk about swinging! Definitely Oscar worthy. Either way it is a good video to watch especially if you are interested in finding way to talk to your partner about the swinging lifestyle. If […]