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Your Teenage Kids Know You Swing

This must be a hard topic to explain to your teenage kids. How would you break it to your kids? This mother explains how she did it.

When I say that my son knows that I am a swinger, I don’t mean that we’ve ACTUALLY had that talk. Let me explain.

My son is eighteen. This last year of high school, he lived with his Dad in Virginia. I thought it was about time that Dad did more than throw money at his son in the form of child support. He wasn’t doing that well in school, and his evil step-mother was forever ranting against my motherhood skills. So, I decided that since I had just re-married after 13 years, I would let the son’s father take over. He could finish up with the driving thing, get him into college and shut his harpie wife up when she found out how hard it was to raise a teenage boy. That, was just to give you a little background.

Wow, I wonder how will the boy react. On top of that what will his friends think.

I’ve always been very open about sexual talks with my son. To the point that he would tell me to shut up because I was embarrassing him. I was the one that made sure that he had a condom in his wallet from the time that he was sixteen. During the years that we lived together we were and still are very close. He knows that he can talk to me about anything.

During the time that I was single, I was in a committed relationship for four and a half years. Greg and I went to the Swingers Clubs that were in the area. When my son was young, he would just ask, “So, you’re going to the “club”? raising his hands and making the “quote” sign. We would say yes, but that was as far as it went. However, he would mention the clothes that we were wearing. For Greg, it was a nice button down, un-tucked shirt and nice pants or jeans. For me, a short skirt, maybe a revealing top with something over it of course. We always came back late, giggling and practically running to the bedroom. I never explained to my son about what the clubs were about, and he didn’t ask.

Then along came Facebook. Of course my son and I are freinds on there. I have two blogs, and post the links to the latest blog on my FB status page. One of my blogs is rated NC17 where I talk about all kinds of things in my life. The other is rated more closely to a “R” and sometimes “X”. That is the swingers advice blog that I have. A friend and I write articles that give advice on swinging to newbies and veterans alike, all based on our own observations and experiences.

So wait she has a blog, what makes her think her son has not read her posts already, nice one “Mom”.

The day came when my son asked about it. And we talked. I explained that I was part of that lifestyle, and had been for many years. I didn’t get much of a reaction, and so I asked him if he was bothered by it. He said no, but I pushed a little to make sure. He said, “I thought so because of all the times that you went to those clubs a few years ago. And you were a manager of a club so I figured it was also one of those kind of clubs”. I asked him if it bothered him; while secretly preparing myself for the worst. He said, “No. You’ve always been weird.” ” But I love you Mom”. Then he smiled and that was the end of it.

I knew I’d raised an open-minded child, and that made me very happy.

If you’d like to check out the advice blog, the addy is: Cinful Lifestyle Advice.

We hope your not on the swinging parents boat but if you are make you you sign up here Desire Swingers.

Read the full article here.

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Ever Wondered if Your Neighbors Swing?

Have you ever had the curiosity if your neighbors are active swingers? Well you might just want to find out and you might be in for a treat, if your a swinger of course.

The swinging lifestyle does not discriminate against race, body type,sexuality,social standing or financial stability. There are people successfully living the lifestyle from all walks of life. Government and State officials as well as the unemployed enjoy the erotic pleasures of being on the swinging scene. Choosing to live the lifestyle, is just that, a choice. A PERSONAL CHOICE just as choosing a religion or a political party to become affiliated with. Although the swinging lifestyle has become more recognized and accepted by society, discretion among swingers is still of utmost importance.

So you are telling me there are Government Officials that are into the swinging life style? Wow!, let’s just hope no one airs out their dirty laundry per say.

Employers as well as family and non lifestyle minded acquaintances seem to view swinging as immoral and threatening to the existence of the traditional marriage and male/female relationship. Please allow me to say that the serious swinging couples, the couples with strong, loving marriages/relationships do not enter into the lifestyle looking for something better than what they have in their existing marriage/relationship. Couples enter into the lifestyle seeking to fulfill fantasies and desires of which are nothing more than foreplay for their intimate encounters alone together.

The lifestyle is an enhancement just as watching an erotic movie or reading an erotic story. A “mood setter” of sorts . But, swinging IS NOT for everyone. If swinging is chosen as a lifestyle to fix a broken marriage/relationship, a damage control plan better be in place. Again, the swinging lifestyle is an enhancement, not a solution. The lifestyle also IS NOT an arena for those who are single and looking for marriage or those who are married and cheating on their partners. YES, one may eventually find a soul mate or experience a swinging encounter as a cheater but, these instances are few and far between and can be very difficult to achieve.

Shame on you cheating on your loved one. You’re not even a swinger, if this is the case stay away. This life style is only for those that are actually swingers.

I advise those who are looking for a long term traditional relationship to seek them through traditional methods. Those who are married and trying to become active in the swinging lifestyle excluding your spouse, please ask yourself why! Your actions in the lifestyle will only cause problems in your marriage. Your spouse will eventually discover her exclusion of your actions. Seek professional help to discover what has gone astray in your marriage before even considering swinging as a lifestyle for you. The most awesome benefit of the lifestyle is within the people who choose to live it. There are no set guidelines as to who one must be as a swinger. What one person or couple chooses to seek and accept, the next may choose the total opposite. What is the swinging lifestyle one may ask? The lifestyle is what you make of it. Simply decide where YOU fit into it.

Looking for that love at first site, this may not be the right way to go on about looking for her/him. If this rocks your boat make sure you come aboard with us Desire Swingers.

Read the full article here.

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Interested in the Swinger lifestyle? Find out how to start

Always wondered how a swingers lifestyle was. Well here are a few tips that will take you down the path. Be aware that if you are the jealous type this lifestyle is not for you.

Getting involved in a swinger’s lifestyle can be exciting. For many couples it gets talked about as a fantasy, but moving forward can be frightening. You don’t have to jump right in to a packed club to try out the lifestyle. If you are interested in this type of lifestyle here are a few ways you can play around with the idea.

Finding a Third

One way to experiment with the lifestyle is to start with a threesome. If you find a third you can get a good idea of what kind of jealousy and other issues may arise. It will also be a good way to gauge your interests to see how much more you want to play. If you find you would rather watch your partner, then you may enjoy more voyeuristic activities.

Understanding the Lifestyle

Before you decide to start making a regular appearance at the swingers clubs, you should spend some time researching the lifestyle. You can find forums for swingers that are open to new swingers. These forums are a great way to get an idea of what does and doesn’t happen at a club, and how to deal with issues that may come up. It will also be a good way to see what kind of rules each couple has and how they stick to them. Having rules within your relationship when it comes to swinging will be vital if you want to maintain a healthy relationship at the end of the night. If you have questions, most swingers on forums are going to be more than happy to answer them for you.

Some liked their Chemistry 101 class so much they decided to continue with the experiments. We would like for you to experiment also, give us a try Desire Swingers.

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Biggest Swinger Convention is Almost Here

“Wow!” is what I have to say, a hotel full of people ready for adult action without any strings attached. Vegas Exchange will be hosting this “Lifestyle event of the Decade”. Need a room? don’t forget to book it in advanced.

The Swinger’s Convention of the decade is almost here, have you booked your room? Join 3000+ swingers as they invade the Palms Casino Resort from August 7 – 11, 2013. This 5 day / 4 nights lifestyle vacation will be filled with celebrity guests, great entertainment, ultra posh playrooms, couples workshops, bikini contest and a wedding to go down in history. This is a lifestyle event couples will remember for years to come.

The convention kicks off with non other than the infamous Larry Flynt, President and Publisher of HUSTLER magazine. Other celebrity guests include: Nina Hartley, sex educator and porn star, Mike & Holli from Playboy TV and Discovery Channel’s Hidden America, Angye Fox host of the popular talk show FoXXXy Forum and a whole lot more. You also have the chance to have dinner with our celebrity guests, Learn More….

Nightly themed events held at some of the most prestigious clubs at the Palms, snake charmers, exotic dancers, belly and fires dancers, body painters, comedy shows, live Dj’s along with great prize giveaways throughout the convention.

There will be a number of couple’s workshops to help enhance your relationship and/or personal well-being. This ranges from Tantra, BDSM101 and How to Blow his Mind and Rock her world to Detox and nutrition for vitality & longevity, self-defense, zumba, yoga and couples massages.

Take the party back to the luxurious playrooms for some erotic fun. The Fantasy Playroom Suites will open its doors on Friday night for all to experience the naughty debauchery that awaits. In addition visit the SkyVilla Penthouse where you will have access to erotic pleasures and a view of the Vegas Strip to die for….

The party continues at Get Wet and Wild where they will host the International Swingers Day Bikini Completion. Representatives from swingers clubs worldwide will be vying for the title of Ms. ISD 2013.

Lifestyle couples can get married or renew their vows in the largest nude wedding of the decade. Come dressed in your birthday suit as you vow to love, honor and obey your significant other til death do you path, then party it up in a wedding reception of your lifestyle friends. You will never for you wedding day!

Married in your birthday suit!? Now that is something you would need to see to believe. Like the old saying goes “Pictures or it didn’t happen”. The video is next-

Want to find out more information about Swingers, sign up here Desire Swingers.

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From Doctors to Judges, into the Swinger Scene

Who knew that even Judges where into the swinging scene, as Dr. Maureen Whelihan explains in the following article. Swingers are less likely to commit the mistake of not using protection.

I was performing an office procedure when the conversation continued into recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) and within a moment, we were discussing the lifestyle as a swinger. I am not sure why, but I am often surprised at who is partaking in this activity. Some are nurses, an attorney, a business owner and a librarian – all smart women, some quite beautiful, some not. So what is this all about?

Swinging, open marriage and the more technical – negotiated non-monogamous relationship, all refer to similar activities. Participation can be in a club requiring membership or private parties. There are even conventions for this very activity.

For the most part, participants must come as a couple; however, solo women are almost always welcome as they are in high demand. Rarely, few solo men are admitted to the gathering. But be advised that, although “relatively” uncommon, this activity attracts different folks from judges, to law enforcement, to doctors and nurses. Smart people who have a common love of sexual activity.

This is not for those that become easily jealous or offended. It attracts couples, married and not, that enjoy the excitement of having sex with others with their partners present. Some believe it removes the boredom of the marriage while others believe that it strengths their bond and lovemaking while providing an outlet for increased sexual needs.

You might think that we see this in our sexual health center – not so much. In fact, 70% of those involved in this activity are happy with how things are. Most declare their enjoyment for this activity early on in the relationship so the new partner is well aware. This allows those not interested to get out prior to getting into a serious relationship or marriage. Rarely, a partner participates with reluctance due to an “addiction” to the lover/husband.

Several of my GYN patients have mentioned their participation in this lifestyle. Each of them did so during a discussion about abnormal paps and HPV or recurrent BV. So it is important to understand this behavior is not without risk. STD screenings are often done or recommended by more organized clubs and condoms are readily available at each event.

An interesting study was done looking at safe sex practices between those that are unfaithful to their spouse compared to those that practice negotiated non-monogamous (swinging) behaviors. As you might expect, those that were unfaithful were LESS LIKELY to use protection during their sexual encounter compared to swingers and also MORE LIKELY to abuse alcohol or drugs compared to swingers. Various theories exist as to why this is. Bottom line, bringing and STD home to the unknowing partner is never a good thing.

So while we have identified the majority of men and 25% of women have a more androgen predominating sex drive and crave frequent sexual activity, some will find their preferred outlet in swinging. The majority are white and heterosexual with bisexuality being a close second and finally same sex couples.

Consider this discussion when a patient indicates that her spouse has a vasectomy but she is seeking additional birth control. Don’t assume that she is just paranoid about vasectomy failure or conceiving……perhaps she has an alternative sexual lifestyle not previously discussed.

By the looks of things there are a wild variety of people out there waiting to be discovered at their local swingers club. Please note that being a swinger does come with a “warning”. Feel that you fit right in? Give us a try Desire Swingers.

Read the full article here

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Best Adult Swinging Clubs in USA

Who does not love an arbitrary top list? As I always say; “It is not important unless it can be put into a countdown list”. I suppose the same is true for Swinging clubs. Here is a lit of the 5 best swingers clubs in America (at least according to Made Manual).

Tabu Social Club.
People, who enjoy fetishes, like to spend time in the fetish room at this swinger club in America. While alcohol is not sold at this club, guests can bring their own alcohol into the club. If you and your significant other meet a couple that you want to spend some alone time with you can use one of the private rooms at the club. Tabu Social Club. 1115 N Rolling Road, Baltimore, Maryland. (410) 869-0001.

Miami Velvet.
Miami Velvet is one of the most popular swinger clubs in Florida. This is a great swinger club in America to go to if your relatively new to the swinging lifestyle, because this is a very low pressure club. Every month this club holds a theme party. Miami Velvet3901 NW 77th Ave, Miami, Florida. (305) 406-1604.
Colette. To protect your privacy, cameras are prohibited at this swinger club in America. Dancers love dancing the night away on this club’s dance floor. Private rooms and fetish rooms are both available a this swinger club. While you need to bring your own alcohol to this club, complimentary mixes are available. Colette. 822 Gravier Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. (504) 588-1517.

Club Sesso.
This swinger club in America is very clean, because A professional cleaning crew cleans the club after each event. Naughty school girl parties and wet T shirt parties are two of the fun theme parties that happen at this swinger club in America. While it is mostly couples at this swinger club, singles are also welcome here on a limited basis. Club Sesso. 824 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204. (503) 334-2577.

Valley Flirts.
Sorry single guys, but this best swingers club in America is only for couples and single women. Alcohol is sold at this club and there is also a buffet for guests to enjoy. When the weather is nice, swingers like to hang out at the outdoor area of this club. Valley Flirts. Canoge Avene, Woodland Hills, California. (818) 298-6034

Looks like a Valley Flirts took the top spot; Next time I am in California I will have to check this “best” swingers club out and judge for myself. The nearest club to me is the Mimai Swingers club; Maybe I will have to take a trip down to see it. Email us with your favorite club nearest you or if you have visited any of these top 5 above! Ready to find the hottest swinging couples near you? Click here to join one of the best adult swinger sites around (best of all – it is couples only).

Read full article here.

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An Interesting Video on Swinging

Steve interviews a swinging couple in studio and then takes a camera into Platos Retreat, a Fort lauderdale Swinger’s Club

Never heard of this show before but there are some great interviews and insights into the swinging lifestyle!

Swingers – Part 1

Swingers – Part 2

Swingers – Part 3

Swingers – Part 4

Find Local Swingers and Local Swinger Parties